A lightweight pattern library for any web project.

Astrum is pattern library that has been designed to help users manage their markup and code. A huge benefit with Astrum is that it’s non-opinionated and therefore doesn't expect users to write markup or code in any particular way.

An Astrum pattern library organises components into manageable groups, with optional descriptions. Each component is a rendered sample of a particular element, along with a code sample (and an optional description for its usage). Users have the option to add pages of content, for example an introduction page and/or coding guidelines specific to your project.

After using several pattern library solutions in the past, none of them has hit the nail on the head the way Astrum has, no need to duplicate code on third-party applications or waste time maintaining a separate project. It just works!

Stephen Nolan - Senior Software Engineer at Voxpopme

Building products to solve familiar problems

Originally Astrum was just going to be an internal tool to scratch our own itch in terms of providing a pattern library solution for our clients. However, it soon become so useful that we decided to release it as an open source project under MIT license, so that others could use it within their teams and for their clients too.

Our goals for Astrum:

  • We wanted it to be easy to include in a project – Astrum is an npm package which can be installed with a single command.
  • We wanted it to be customisable – Astrum has simple theming features so that it can be branded to its companion project.
  • We wanted it to be simple to add components/objects to the library – Astrum comes bundled with a command-line tool that allows users to easily manage components and groups with helpful feedback.
  • We wanted it to be easy to update as we add new features – We continue to work on Astrum and aim to ensure that new features are non-breaking additions to the platform. This means users can update Astrum in existing projects with a single command and take advantage of new features as they become available.
  • We didn’t want to have to worry about compiling assets – Astrum uses parent project’s assets to do its thing.

A globally recognised product

Since its release, Astrum has received over 1300 stars on Github, has a community of contributors helping to improve it and has been used by teams all over the world.

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